Our Mission

CEEM is an economic cooperative committed to helping African-Americans create wealth through uniting our efforts and investing in Black-owned ventures. CEEM provides support, counseling, and leadership development for entrepreneurs and individual network members to close the racial wealth gap and improve economic outcomes for the Black community.

CEEM Annual Meeting!

Join CEEM for our 1st Annual Meeting Feb. 26th

Our power is in our unity; we have a chance to do something we haven't done since the Civil Rights Movement - to come together and get more for us! Join OUR movement, Join CEEM!

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Help us reach 150 thousand people in the Inland Empire by supporting the movement!

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There are only 2 ways to build wealth: own property or businesses. We support businesses and the people who run them.

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A Message From Our Founder

In the I.E. as in greater Los Angeles and the State of California African Americans are 7% of the population but own less than 1% of revenue from business ownership. Changing this paradigm is essential to improving our economic health and increasing the number of our families that are middle class. CEEM is a California Cooperative Corporation whose purpose is to unite our community around its market potential and provide support to black owned business and individuals that allow them to operate successful enterprises. Key to our success is a commitment to shared core values that create a community ethic driving greater prosperity. Our aim is to sell what we buy.

Reginald Webb, CEEM Founder, Entrepreneur